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Client: Dynash
Campaign: Sitio corporativo
Type of Project: Web, Web movil, Redes Sociales
Technologies Used: HTML, PHP, MySQL, jQuery
URL: dynash.com/site/



Dynash is a wellness center, fitness conditioning and I semi-custom where the main tool is Power Plate.

Regardless of age, lifestyle or physical ability, and with only 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week will guarantee comparable to those achieved in a gym in 2-hour sessions results but without the latent risk of injuries . Additionally achieve combat stress and get rid of cellulite, while achieving a perfectly toned body without thick. 

With Dynash you can achieve it. 

To know, you can ask for a free session at any of our locations. 


This project was developed to measure contents nice and easy to use by the customer and users on the website comply with the requirements given by the client.