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Montse Bradford Bord

Montse Bradford Bord

Client: Montse Bradford
Campaign: Website Corporativo
Type of Project: Web
Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, Wordpress
URL: montsebradford.es


This project was developed to create a pleasant and easy administrator contents and use by the client, by means of a template and implementing the required contents from the site.

Personal nutritional counselling may be conducted by phone or email as well as in person, enabling you to receive simple yet extensive advice on your personal energetic needs, dietary requirements and general guidance towards a healthier lifestyle.

Common counselling topics include the following issues closely linked with health and well-being:

    • Your energetic needs.
    • The best way to achieve good health, harmony and inner personal satisfaction.
    • How to create a steady level of energy and vitality throughout the day.
    • Eating patterns according to your personal needs.
    • Understanding your emotions and thoughts. How to uplift your self-esteem.
    • Get to know your needs and desires with a healthy and natural lifestyle.


URL Esp: http://montsebradford.es/

URL Eng: http://montsebradford.es/en/